Our belief in Experience so far

At vima3ya we offer our clients to experience our belief, we are one stop solution for clients to experience, and outsource their prototyping, reverse engineering, low volume production (with vacuum casting machine set up), help them achieve production technology that can cut costs over products life cycle.

VIMA3YA Overview

Ultimately, we empower our customers to transition towards a digital manufacturing process and to launch innovations that have the potential to forever change the face of their industry. That’s what keeps us pioneering, why it’s so important to encourage, inspire and co-create a better and healthier world.

The amazing clutch of Vima3ya to world


Vima3ya for Universities

3D printing has touted as the future of the technology in the world. Most of the world’s research is done in universities and most of them are now focusing on these fields to get ahead of each other. 3D printing is a manufacturing phenomenon that will revolutionize factories and mass production in the coming years.


Vima3ya for Engineers

3D is a game in the modern world of engineering and constructing. Creating ingenious architecture and mechanics in a physicalized world by combining materials like beams, ropes, interactive hydraulics and street segments


Vima3ya for Companies

Leverage the disruptive technology to produce jaw dropping aesthetically beautiful products , apart from that, cut cost, time in product development and bring your products to market faster than your competition does, study products acceptance level, vima3ya does offer  reverse engineering and low volume production if companies have limited series edition  products.


Vima3ya for Designers

Explore freedom at its best, forget complexity, constraints shadowed by traditional manufacturing process in design stages, and with additive be flexible and true to your imagination, communicate your concept most effectively