From visualizing the human anatomy in3D to holding a 3D-printed model of your own heart, we’re getting closer to providing patient-specific care for everyone. Let’s build a healthier world together.


Take patient-specific healthcare to new heights by working closely with our experts in the planning and execution of complicated surgical procedures.

Every patient is unique. And every surgery needs a unique approach. We offer patient-specific implants that enable you to treat complex cases, and give you the possibility to visualize your patient’s anatomy with one of our 3D-printed models.3D printing in medical/healthcare education and surgical training, 3D printed medical models to give accurate image for complex life saving surgery and 3D printed anatomical models for education and research. Remarkable role of 3D Printing in healthcare sector!

Vima3ya with Healthcare

The 3D virtual product can provide design to manufacturing data of the product reducing possible errors and streamlining the product development process.

  • Prototypes to support new product development
  • Patterns for downstream metal casting of dental crowns, dental aligners
  • Manufacture Hip and Knee Implants
  • Personalized prosthetics and 3D printed surgical guides for specific surgeries

We care about your health

Medical sector probably the one which has reaped the benefits of 3D printing on larger scale as compared to any other industries due to customization and personalization capabilities of 3D printing technology and the ability to improve people’s lives as the process improve and materials developed which meets medical standards.

Latest technologies such as rapid prototyping and virtual reality software and hardware enable enhanced visualization of patient anatomy and complex surgical procedures. This gives surgeons and students valuable opportunities to practice outside the operating theatre, A thereby reducing surgery times, performing procedures correctly with the first attempt and saving lives with an enhanced knowledge of the medical problem.

Create high quality customized implants, devices, and prosthetics and develop new specialized and customized surgery tools and equipment that would be very difficult to create with traditional manufacturing methods.