Seamlessly transform client-centric leadership and progressive 3D Architecures. Transforming the way companies do business so as to improve everyone’s lives and bring value to individuals.


The real breakthroughs achieved at VIMA3YA are built on trust and mutual respect, which is why long-term relationships are so important to us. And that is why being honest, reliable, open and transparent are so central to the way we work with you.


As storage for manufacturers’ spare parts are moving away from industrial sized warehouses to big memory hard-drives, computer aided design (CAD) has been given a new lease of life, especially when paired with a 3D printer.


Quality lasts. It’s what keeps solutions relevant over time. So our state-of-the-art software and high-quality prints and services are constantly being refined to ensure our customers get the quality and reliability they deserve. And as the technology and your needs evolve, so does our approach to quality.